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The SMART Academy for Healthcare in New Delhi is home to a dozen of dreams and aspirations, where one can easily find their long-lost inspiration to thrive for more in life as they meet tons of such optimistic and diligent individuals who refuse to give in under any circumstances and keep going on in order to achieve what they want. Parveen Kumar; Renu Kumari and Mamta are three of such SMART students who are living a life set to inspire hundreds.

Parveen is a local shopkeeper pursuing the course of Operation theatre technician (OTT) in SMART Academy, With an incredible jest towards life, this thirty-three year old man lives to fulfil his high expectations from himself. A student of science in his senior year, Parveen tried various local jobs and occupations after leaving school, but none provided him with the satisfaction he was seeking for in his work environment. He expresses how he has a sense of purpose in his life now and gratefully acknowledges the advertisement board that told him about the academy.  With an ambition to work somewhere outside of India, Parveen is a motivated young man with high hopes for his future. But this is not the end to his story, he found himself so deeply inspired just a week after joining the academy that he persuaded both his sister and his wife to join and pursue courses of their choices in the academy. He plays a huge role in pushing his younger sister Renu and his wife Mamta to their maximum potential.

Initially a bit reserved and shy, Renu acknowledges the transformation that has occurred in her in the months in which she has joined the academy. “I was extremely shy and couldn’t express myself clearly, Joining the academy has given me the type of confidence I never knew I had”, says Renu as she continually expresses her happiness and contentment with the overall environment which has allowed her to grow into a bubbly and a confident individual.  She loves to help people but was initially scared to approach them due to the absence of knowledge of required methodologies.

Mamta (33) recalls her wish to account for something valuable in her life and at the same time her inability to realize what the something is. Though extremely doubtful at first, her whole outlook for the academy has changed now owing to its welcoming and warm environment, she now sees herself as a collected human being. While her day begins with the usual chores expected of a normal housewife, including cleaning, cooking, it is from 9 to 1:20 that she works in order to achieve her purpose in life. She is extremely thankful to her mentors and teachers at the academy, and happily comments how her teachers always teach them in a manner that it includes all different group of the students including the weaker ones and strive to take them all together towards the light of knowledge and understanding.

Parveen happily acknowledges these changes in his wife and sister and comments about the sense of unity that now binds the three relatives together. Though disapproving at first, the other members of the family too now support the three amazing students completely due to the apparent change in the three individuals’ behavior, and their newer and confident self. “I am extremely satisfied and happy and I keep on suggesting this academy to several of my acquaintances. I know that all I have to do is to persuade them to just come once and visit the academy and see the warm environment at this area through their own eyes, after that, the person himself will be compelled to join this place of learning.”

One cannot just feel awed and inspired by these three students who are positively bubbling with ecstasy and bigger hopes for the future.  The efforts of Parveen are essentially rare and at the same time commendable, his decision to persuade and support his wife and sister in the academy is highly appreciated by the Tech Mahindra team.  Together they form a group of extremely enthusiastic and curious learners, who intend to do something big in their lives.

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आपकी सदस्यता सहेजी नहीं जा सकी. कृपया पुन: प्रयास करें।
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