Advanced Emergency Care Technician Course

Training Program in association with Wipro GE Healthcare

Boost your practical skills through hands-on simulator and equipment training with key modules on patient management in emergencies, trauma secondary care and ultrasound skills

Unlock your career goals with Advanced Emergency Care Technician course and learn from practising experts with 3-days' onsite immersion training

Emergency Care Technicians with 2 years of experience are eligible to apply!

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Advanced Emergency Care Technician Course Details

Upgrade your career by enhancing your Emergency Care Technician (ECT) skills by joining our Advanced ECT course. Working paramedics will get a competitive edge by learning from highly professional clinical application trainers and practising immersion techniques at the Wipro GE healthcare Centre of Excellence site.

Key Learning Modules of Advanced Emergency Care Technician Course

Delivery & Duration:

Faculty Profile


Why should you join us?

Self-paced Learning

Value added Certification from known industry partners

Doubt solving from the Industry expertise and practising Radiologist

Access to demonstration video for better understanding and subject application.

Hands-on Simulator training and practice the clinical applications

3 days of immersion training at Wipro GE Healthcare Centre of excellence site

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We have a team of counselors always ready to assist you for any admission queries that you may have. Please feel free to contact us with your queries and we will be happy to respond at the earliest.

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