Become a skilled professional in managing emergency medical situations and pre-hospital care.

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Course affiliated with Healthcare Sector Skill Council (HSSC).

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Who is it for?

Our Medical Technician training course is ideal for a Class 12th Students or Graduates who wish to manage hands-on emergency situations in emergency or ambulance care.

How does it help?

The EMT course is an HSSC certified course to train students in emergency life-saving procedures & and provide pre-hospital critical care.

Why should you join us?

great infrastructure

State-of-the-art Infrastructure

The Tech Mahindra SMART Academy for Healthcare is a state-of-the-art paramedical training institute with hospital simulated labs & equipment to aid student learning.
expert faculty

Expert Faculty

Get taught by highly qualified healthcare professionals along with learning as part of on-job training in leading hospitals.

healthcare employability skills

Employability Skills

We focus on guiding students with the required employability skills like English speaking, personality development & IT skills to match the industry demands.

hospital job assistance

Job Assistance

Apart from imparting technical training, we provide on-job training/internship. We also provide placement assistance to students for a bright career in the healthcare industry.

Emergency Medical Technician Course Details

Emergency Medical Technician Course Objective and Curriculum

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) are trained to respond quickly to emergency medical situations and provide pre-hospital critical care to patients. EMTs are in high demand at all hospitals and nursing homes and need to be trained in handling all kinds of critical and emergency situations.
As part of this course, students are trained to respond quickly to emergency medical situations and provide pre-hospital critical care to patients. The classroom program supplemented with practical training, as well as on-job-training equips a student to handle all kinds of critical and emergency situations such as accidents, burns, heart failure etc. As a skilled EMT professional, individuals will have to manage the sick or injured person and then shift him or her to a medical facility. The students need to learn to asses an emergency situation and offer basic life support. The course involves classroom training, coursework, clinical training and soft-skills training.
The EMT programme includes:
  • Respond to emergency calls

  • Size up the scene at the site

  • Follow evidence based protocol while managing patients

  • Assess patient at the site

  • Patient triage based on the defined clinical criteria of severity of illness

  • Manage cardiovascular emergency, cerebrovascular emergency

  • Manage patients with allergic reaction, poisoning or medicinal overdose

  • Manage obstetrics/gynaecology emergencies

  • Manage bleeding, shock, musculoskeletal injuries, burns, injuries to head and spine

  • Manage infants, neonates and children

  • Handle patients with respiratory emergency, severe abdominal pain and diabetes

  • Collate and communicate health information

  • Hospitals

  • Mobile Ambulances

  • Emergency rooms

  • Provides emergency medical support to patients

  • First responder to emergencies in ambulances

  • Transports critical patients to a medical facility

  • Opening and maintaining an airway

  • Administers cardiopulmonary resuscitation



Class 12th

Minimum Age

20 Years


1 Year


Delhi, Mumbai & Mohali

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