The classrooms and laboratories at the Tech Mahindra SMART Academies are widely acknowledged to be some of the best to be seen in the healthcare and digital media skilling sector.


The Tech Mahindra SMART Academy for Healthcare in New Delhi is located within the serene Gandhi Ashram, near Delhi University North campus area. The Academy is itself in a heritage building that dates from 1936 and is easily accessible by metro

The Operation Theatre lab resembles an actual Operation Theatre

The Basic Skills lab simulates a hospital ward, and has state of the art dummies to practice CPR, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, administering injections and IV drips, catheters, and a sterilisation station with an autoclave

The Dialysis laboratory has both B Braun and Fresinius machines and dialyser

The X-ray laboratory has a fully operational X-ray machine with both wet film development and computer film development rooms

The Computer lab has over 50 computers and comes with the latest hospital billing and IC10 coding software for students to practice on

An Advanced Life Saving Ambulance is fully equipped with different kinds of stretchers and emergency equipment, allowing students to practice emergency response drills

Classrooms are all equipped with projectors and AV equipment

The Canteen serves snacks and lunch at affordable rates for students


The SMART Academy in Mohali is located in a spacious 3-storey building

The Operation Theatre Lab has fully functional hospital equipment

The Basic skills lab is equipped with advanced medical mannequins for students to practice techniques such CPR, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, injections and more

The Dialysis Lab has fully functional dialysis machines to train technicians in the latest methods

The classrooms are spacious and have audio-visual equipment and projectors

There are two dedicated Computer labs for students to learn IT skills

The Library is well-stocked for students to study in after classes


Facilities & Infrastructure