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What it takes to become an Animator?

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Animation – A brief Flashback

It is mind-blogging when we think about the existence of cartoons or animations and the impact they had on us while growing up. The very first animation you’ve watched or heard about must be the iconic Mickey Mouse but believe it or not, animation and animated characters go back a lot further. The first animated film can be traced back to 1883. And since then, the animation industry is constantly evolving. Today, animator expert is a well-paid job and it is not only limited to the movies. It has spread its wings to gaming, comics, education, and news media.

What is Animation?

It is always easier to understand animation than explaining the term. However, if we break it in layman’s term, then, the animation is the preparation process of designing, drawing, layouts, and sequencing photographs to create an illusion of movement. A person involved in the process is called an animator or animation professional.

Today, there are 6 types of animation, which are – 

  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Traditional Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Stop Motion Animation
  • Computer Animation

Scope of Animation

As mentioned earlier, the animation is not only limited to the entertainment industry. The current world is interconnected and visuals have become a primary medium of communication. Apart from communication and movie, animation serves a plethora of purposes such as marketing, advertisement, gaming, creative arts, science, presentations, etc

As per a report, from the year 2015, the Indian Animation Market evolved from being just an outsourcing facility to a creator of indigenous intellectual property as well. Today, the country has over 30,000 animation professionals working in the media and entertainment sector.

The various sectors and career options that involve a large number of animation experts are – 

Fields Professions
Advertising Animation Technical Director
Online and Print News Media Graphic Artist
Film & Television 2D/3D Artist
Cartoon production Cartoon Animator
Theatre Art Director
Video Gaming Video Game Designer
E-learning Animation Lighting Artist

What does it takes to become an Animator?

Today, except for the spirit of animators, animation techniques, graphics, gadgets, and effects have changed a lot. It is a blend of technology and entertainment that gives life to characters. Since animation is an evolving field, you’ll require adaptability and knowledge of multiple skills to thrive. Some of the key skills that you must possess or develop to be an animator are –

  • Creativity
  • Eye for details
  • Computer Knowledge
  • Keen to learn new skills related to animation
  • And lastly, you must be a storyteller

How to become an Animator?

The Indian animation industry is growing at a fast pace and if you have an aesthetic taste and want to make a career in animation, then it is the perfect time to jump in. And it is nothing better than following your passion. Various institutes that offer animation course along with placement assistance, e.g. the Tech Mahindra SMART Academy for Digital Technologies, located in Visakhapatnam. At present, the Academy offers 2D animation course and it is a certificate course.

If you are passionate about animation, then, SMART Academy for Digital Technologies is a perfect place for you. The minimum age limit is 20 years and you must be a graduate. The duration of the 2D animation course is 6 months and it includes internship. However, if you’re not interested in going to Visakhapatnam or it is too far away from your hometown, then you can apply for the new Tech Mahindra SMART Academy for Digital Technologies, Hyderabad. The duration and eligibility requirements of the institute are the same.

If you think you have all the essentials to be a successful animation professional then jump-start your career in the creative industry NOW!