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How to Become a Medical Lab Technician?

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Have you Ever Wondered, How to become a Medical Lab Technician?

Did you know that the healthcare domain offers numerous opportunities for jobs as well as careers for those interested in the industry and do not want to become doctors?

Medical Lab Technician is one such career option. Clinical laboratory tests are taken up for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases and the branch of healthcare that deals with these is known as medical laboratory technology or clinical laboratory science. It goes hand in hand with the medical sciences and is a critical component in the entire ecosystem.

As a medical lab technician, one is involved in analyzing body fluids, tissues, blood samples, urine etc. Screening and post sampling analysis is also taken up as a part of Medical laboratory technology. The professionals taking up these tasks are skilled professionals called medical lab technicians and technologists that take up the role of information collection, sampling, testing for conclusions, generating reports and documentation for medical investigation purpose.

A career in the sector can be a rewarding experience and you can become a medical lab technician in India by taking up any of the following courses:

  • Diploma in Medical Lab technology
  • Certificate in Medical Lab technology
  • Bsc in Medical Lab technology

All the above mentioned courses can equip you with the skill and expertise to be a medical lab technician. If you are looking for a short term course to become a Medical Laboratory Technician, then, a diploma or a certificate are your best bet.

A Diploma in medical laboratory technology is a practical training that equips students to work as lab technicians with all the requisite skills such as:

  • Collecting and storing samples
  • Analyzing samples
  • Generating report based on the collected sample and analysis to assist the doctor in diagnosis.

Below is a brief of the medical lab technician course syllabus to give you an idea of what you will be studying:

  • Blood bank operations and management
  • Material management
  • Supply chain management
  • Management of laboratory information system
  • Cleaning and maintenance of lab equipment
  • Management and disposal of biomedical waste
  • NABL regulations and quality standards
  • and more…

A diploma course is a good option if you want to take up a lab technician course after Class 12th. The lab technician course eligibility includes a minimum age criterion of 20 years. The course duration is generally 2 years including a comprehensive on job training. If the field really attracts you, you can take on one of the available courses and gain the essential expertise. It is a great entry point in the healthcare sector and a decent paying opportunity too.

Hope this post provided you with the required information about the career option – Medical Lab Technology and how to become a Medical Lab Technician.

Share your thoughts or queries and our expert faculty members will be able to help you with the answers on the same.

Wish you luck!!