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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Graphic and Web Design?

CREATIVITY, yes that’s a skill required to make it big as a Graphic and Web Designer. Those who have excelled in their career as a Graphic and Web Designer have aesthetics instinct and notice finer details. It is not necessary to have any previous training in design and graphics to become a Graphic Designer and or Web Designer. One can enroll in the Graphic and Web Design programme of any institute to learn graphic designing, web designing, mobile app designing, digital graphics, website UI, etc. These topics will help an individual to become an expert in page layout techniques, visual arts and typography.

Why should you pursue Graphic and Web Design course?

Today, the Internet plays a major role in our lives where we visit websites and mobile applications for our day-to-day activities. With affordable and advanced Internet connections, the world is connected virtually, thus increasing the demand for graphic and web design experts. In recent times, students of Web design and Graphic Design are seen with high paying jobs with the option to get freelance opportunities.

Advantages of Graphic and Web Design Course

As mentioned earlier, one does not need to have experience in designing to start a career in Graphic and Web Design. If an individual has a passion for a creative career, then he/she can simply join a 6-month course and kick start a career as a Graphic and Web Designer. Some of the advantages of pursuing a Web and Graphic Designing course that will separate an individual from the crowd are –

  • The gift of appreciating design and understanding what it takes to be the maverick. Also, one will be able to become creative, original and do spectacular jobs to grab the attention of viewers
  • Understanding the Font choice and how it will complete a design. A Graphic and Web Designer will be able to quickly tell which Font and what size will go with a design
  • Staying updated with the latest colour trends. In design, the colour choice is the biggest part of a design and all it takes is a keen eye to be perfect
  • Comprehend the power of Branding and Brand loyalty. For a designer, branding is not limited to a logo, it is the feeling that connects the consumers with the brand

What is a Graphic and Web Design course?

The Graphic Designing and Web Designing is a career for creative minds and the journey is a life-long one where one always finds a way to think outside the box. The Tech Mahindra SMART Academy for Digital Media offers a course to help you become one. The Graphic and Web Design course is designed to train students to become experts in conveying messages through visual communication and presentation. The course helps students to understand the usage of branding and advertising.

Apart from graphic designing and web designing, this programme also focuses on training students in new age digital skills in the area of mobile app designing, digital graphics, website UI, etc.

Tech Mahindra SMART Academy’s Graphic and Web Design Course

The Graphic & Web Design programme is one of the popular courses of SMART Academy for Digital Media, Vizag. This is a 6-month duration course trained by expert faculty which includes on-the-job-training or internship in reputed companies. Also, the institute offers training in English and Soft skills.

This course is designed to prepare individuals in a blend of typography, visual arts and page layout techniques. Here, students will get to learn about various topics such as – Basic Drawing, Corel Draw, HTML, CSS, etc.

Before applying for the Graphic and Web Design course offered by Tech Mahindra SMART Academy, Visakhapatnam, students must make sure that they fulfil all the eligibility norms. The various eligibility criteria of SMART Academy’s Graphic Design and Web Design course are as follow –

Eligibility Criteria Specifications
Education Graduate, B.Tech (IT/CSE) or MCA
Age Minimum 20 years

Graphic and Web Design Course – Career Prospects

After successful completion of the course, students will be eligible to get a job in any of the following setups:

  • Magazine or newspaper publications
  • Web development agencies
  • Government offices that require graphic designers
  • Private enterprises
  • Blogs and web forums

With the penetration of digitalization and the Internet, almost every firm today requires a digital designer and if not, the scope of freelancing in the field is quite vast too. Web-designing expertise is a much sought-after skill and fresher in the field stand eligible to earn a handsomely.

If you are interested in joining our six-month Graphic and Web Design course, then you can visit our Tech Mahindra SMART Academy page and know more about the same. You can also comment below if you have any queries regarding the course. Good luck and good wishes to your career, you’re going to be amazing.


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