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#MainBhiHero, A Movement by Tech Mahindra Foundation

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The Indian Healthcare Industry faces a number of challenges ranging from the outbreak of diseases to lacking skilled staff. However, here we are restricting our discussion to the allied healthcare workforce requirement. To meet the workforce demands, the healthcare industry depends upon:

  • The advancement of medical technology
  • The skills of surgeons, doctors
  • The support of skilled allied healthcare professionals

According to the Healthcare Access & Quality Index 2016, India ranked 145 out of 195 countries, behind most of its neighbouring countries like China, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. One of the major reasons for the setbacks of the healthcare system is the lack of allied healthcare professionals.

The rising healthcare cost coupled with the rapidly increasing population has magnified this issue further. In a report by The Economic Times, the Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare, JP Nadda said that there is a shortage of 2 lakh skilled paramedical professionals across various healthcare workforce groups in India.

We at the Tech Mahindra SMART Academies for Healthcare are conscious about the situation and equally thrilled to talk about our #MainBhiHero movement. To uplift the healthcare status of this nation, #MainBhiHero supports the creation of well qualified and skilled professionals in healthcare who can rise to become our new-age heroes.

Let’s understand who are the Allied Healthcare or Paramedical Professionals?

Allied Healthcare or Paramedical Professionals are the backbone of the healthcare workforce. They assist in providing optimal patient care and satisfaction in critical and distinct services such as medical, optometry, dental, laboratory specialist professions, etc. Apart from patient care, these Allied Healthcare Professionals assist in a range of services from diagnostic, technical to therapeutic support.

The Allied Healthcare or Paramedical Professionals are the first point of contact in many cases and their sharpness & training decides the course of our treatment. For a better understanding of who these Allied Healthcare Professionals are, think about –

#MainBhiHero Movement

Through this initiative, the Tech Mahindra SMART Academies for Healthcare focuses on strengthening the vision of the World Health Organisation i.e. Health for All. The #MainBhiHero initiative also aims in achieving the five major United Nation Sustainable Development Goals, which are –

  • Quality Education
  • Gender Equality
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • Reduced Inequalities
  • Partnership with Public and Private sector organisations

Every year, hundreds of skilled paramedical professionals are trained in these SMART Academies for Healthcare and join various hospitals, clinics, laboratories, etc. These Academies have a 70% placement rate, thanks to the industry partnership with reputed hospitals and laboratories. Apart from healthcare and paramedical training, students receive Soft Skill, English and IT training to enhance their personality. All the Academies have special teams dedicated to preparing students for job interviews.

The #MainBhiHero movement is implemented through the three SMART Academies for Healthcare located in Delhi, Mohali and Mumbai. Tech Mahindra Foundation believes that every individual who understands their Individual Social Responsibility is a Hero. Therefore, we urge you to be a Hero and join the #MainBhiHero Movement and contribute to the development of the Indian healthcare sector.