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Popular Paramedical Courses in India

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Most of us as kids dreamt to become doctors or nurses. The medical field is one of the most coveted sectors to make a career. The inclination towards this field is due to its high reputation, good income, the ever-increasing demand for healthcare professionals and the satisfaction of saving lives. While doctors and nurses are an important element of the medical ecosystem, there are other players that play an important role in this industry.

One of the most common career options that attract most of the youth is that of a doctor. However, there are other career options in healthcare available and one can complete the course in much lesser time. A paramedical course can help interested individuals to start their career in the hospitals and other healthcare sector. The jobs that follow, come with career rewards as well as opportunities to add value to life. Students can opt for one of the popular paramedical courses in India and secure a job in one of the leading hospitals or other healthcare setups.

“India needs to work on healthcare infrastructure and create better benchmarks. We should not only offer the highest quality of healthcare but also add an environment for excellence in research and teaching.” This statement was given by Dr. Naresh Trehan in a chat with Economic Times emphasizes the role of good training in strengthening health care. Paramedical courses are the best way to do that.

Paramedical courses of SMART Academy facilitate vocational skill training and help students to get stable jobs at reputed hospitals.  Here are some amazing job-oriented diploma courses of Tech Mahindra SMART Academy in a paramedical sector that one can join to get a promising career:

  • Diploma in Medical Laboratory TechnologyThis course trains students to work as medical lab technicians in hospitals, nursing homes and diagnostic labs. These professionals are responsible for testing, reporting the observations and helping the doctors to prepare conclusion reports of patients. The advanced curriculum of the course trains students on all aspects of the lab that includes collecting the samples, preserving them, testing them based on approved criteria and reporting the results. Other dimensions of a medical lab such as bio-waste management, equipment handling etc. are also covered.
  • Diploma in Medical Record Technology: The diploma in medical record technology course trains the students to handle these records and store them for future reference. This is done by offering knowledge of various record systems and software that are used to store the data. The students are trained to comply with the government set norms for handling patient data. In SMART Academy, the International Classification of Diseases (ICD 10) codes are being used to train students.
  • Diploma in X-ray and Imaging Technology: The X-ray and Imaging Technology course will train students through theory as well as practical classes to use X-ray, MRI, CT Scan, etc. Once a student completes this course, he/ she is competent to take up a job in the radiology departments at various leading hospitals. This course will coach students on other tasks as well, such as handling X-ray equipment, developing films, operating the computer-based equipment etc. The students are also trained on CT scan, ultrasounds and MRI.
  • Diploma in Dialysis Technology: Kidney ailments require a procedure called dialysis and this course trains the students to handle the patients undergoing dialysis. The training includes aspects of preparing patients for the procedure, both physically as well as psychologically. The training also involves knowledge of handling dialysis equipment, preparing fluids and solutions based on a fixed formula.
  • Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology: The Dialysis Technician Course offered by SMART Academy is affiliated with the Indian Medical Association. This course trains the participants to prepare the operation theatre for the scheduled surgical procedures. The roles include setting up the operation theatre for surgery, assisting the surgical team during operation, supporting patients in the recovery room.
  • Certificate in Hospital Front Office and Billing Executive: This course is designed to prepare candidates for hospital management cum admin. It trains students on handling calls, incoming patients, coordinating with insurance providers, receiving hospitalization approvals etc. It also offers training on popular hospital billing software to generate patient invoices. Also, at SMART Academy, students are given training to improve soft skills to greet the patients and visitors.

These popular paramedical courses offered by Tech Mahindra SMART Academy for Healthcare can land individuals in respectable jobs with a good salary package and lots of job satisfaction. We wish everyone success in choosing a course that matches with your interest and skills. All the very best!