(MRT) Medical Record Technology course

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Medical Record Technology course is designed to train students to become a Medical Record Technician or Health Information Technician professional. It is an administrative job which involves keeping and maintaining records in medical office settings such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and doctor’s office. However, they do not have any direct contact with the patient’s condition, diagnosis or treatment. A Medical Record Technician or a Health Information Technician’s primary role is to compile and maintain patient’s records as per healthcare coding standards and keep them updated.

As per the Medical Record Technology programme eligibility criteria, one must have completed their graduation from a recognised University. The majority of the employers demand a certification in Medical Record Technician course, however, one can enrol into a specialised coding programme to add points to their resume. For Medical Record Technician or Health Information Technician, one must be extremely detail oriented. Also, students must be updated as this is an ever-evolving profession and emerging technologies bring many changes and challenges to it.

What do Medical Record Technology Course cover?

Under Medical Record Technology, the Medical Record Technician course will cover a variety of topics and provide experience for the same over duration of 24 months. One will get to learn from highly qualified healthcare professionals with hospital stimulated environment and equipment to aid learning. This course provides proper guidance with a required set of employability skills to match the standard industry demands. Apart from technical training, the on-job training included in the course provides better chances of placement and a bright career in healthcare.

Some of the topics covered under the Medical Record Technician are –

  • Medical Terminology: The Medical Terminology is used as a medium of communication in healthcare facilities, hence it is essential to have a knowledge of the same. This course offers the study of various terms, shorthand, prefixes and suffixes used in medicine.
  • Medical Coding: A detailed study about all diagnostic coding, classification of disease, awareness about Medicare centres and medical service guidelines. The application aids in the practice of coding, read procedural statements, use coding manuals, interpret records, medical billing and review patients record.
  • Anatomy and Physiology: In this topic, students will learn about the human body’s different anatomical parts, its function structure and nervous system. Also, they will learn about diseases i.e. how body system relates, application of anatomical knowledge to coding records and information.
  • Healthcare Delivery: Here, candidates are trained to collect and collate data, which will help in enabling healthcare delivery.

This profession involves abstracting information from medical documentation and assign appropriate diagnosis and procedure codes. These codes are then used for various purposes like research, planning, reimbursement, to track and monitor disease pattern by health officials.

The skill-set required to pursue a career as a Medical Record Technician –

  • Reading comprehension
  • Attention to precision
  • Administration and management
  • Basic knowledge of computers

Responsibilities of Medical Record Technicians are as mentioned below –

  • Compiling patient health information records/files
  • Ensuring complete and updated records of patients with every minute details enclosed
  • Communicating with other health professionals or researchers when requested as per the facility’s laid down protocols
  • Maintaining digital records of every patient’s medical history
  • Improving data fetching, patient care and expenditure control with the help of advanced technologies
  • Represent the healthcare facility/administrative authorities in legal interactions in case of medico-legal cases.

Keeping in mind the growing population paired with increased human lifespan due to advancements in the medical field, there is an ever-growing demand in the sector of healthcare professionals. Being a Medical Record Technician is a great way in serving the community as a healthcare professional without interacting directly with the patients in distress. Candidates can contact Tech Mahindra Smart Academy for Healthcare and enrol into the ever-growing profession by signing up for the Medical Record Technician course to enhance the skills as well as upgradation of the pay scale.


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