Know our partners who work with us in providing students with quality education, skilling and first-hand experience in more than 18 paramedical courses

नॉलेज, ट्रेनिंग और प्लेसमेंट

We at Tech Mahindra SMART Academy for Healthcare feel extremely privileged to have players from the healthcare sector to partner with us in providing the country’s finest paramedical professionals.

Currently, at SMART Academy for Healthcare, renowned hospitals,laboratories, nursing homes, palliative facilities, blood banks and other medical service providers have connected as knowledge partners. Apart from Knowledge partners, we have Placement and Training partners who are also a major player in the healthcare industry offering first-hand and on-the-job opportunities to our students.

The leading participants of the healthcare industry are always welcome to join us in this mission to create world-class healthcare professionals.Please send all enquiries to academy@techmahindrafoundation.org

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TMF Progress Report FY 2021-22

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