Tech Mahindra SMART Academy for Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Chennai

An upcoming premier logistics and supply chain institute in association with Salesian Sisters

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Tech Mahindra SMART Academy for Logistics in Chennai will have all the latest lab and training facilities. Apart from the logistics and supply chain management, immense importance is given to train students in soft skills and English language.

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As we witness the increase in the demand for logistics and supply chain professionals, Tech Mahindra SMART Academy for Logistics, Chennai is an ideal place for all candidates who wants to make a career in logistics. The state-of-the-art Logistics Academy is well equipped with the latest software, computer labs and smart classrooms to prepare individuals for the growing logistics industry.

To provide exposure to the latest requirements of the logistics and supply chain Sector, we offer our students with real-time case studies, industrial visits/on- the job training. The students are also given training in Logistics Specific English Lexicon, Logistics specific IT and personality development skill sets, along with their course. The faculty members of SMART Academy for Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Chennai are well-trained and have rich experience in the industry. Upon completion of the course, a dedicated team guides students to support the placement.

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Salesian Sisters is an international youth-centric organisation reaching out to poor and young women and children through education and skilling. In India, they are spread across 7 states. The mission varies from schools, boardings, hostels, community colleges, vocational training centres and social outreach i.e., empowering the young men and women.

In association with Logistics Sector Skill Council

Logistics Sector Skill Council, (LSC) aim to ensure skill trained human resource at the entry level and up-skill the logistics workforce. LSC works with stakeholders, including industry players, government agencies, training providers, and academic institutions, to identify the skill gaps in the logistics sector and design training programs to address those gaps LSC is an approved awarding body of the National Council for Vocational Education and Training (NCVET).

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