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Webinar on ‘Cervix CAP - Close the Gap’

टेक महिंद्रा स्मार्ट अकैडमी फॉर हेल्थकेयर, नवी मुंबई is organizing a cervical cancer vaccine awareness webinar on ‘Cervix CAP - Close the Gap’ for all the pan India students, their parents, teachers, and partner organizations across all our academies. The speaker will discuss about the early warning signs, common cancers in women, prevention of cancer of cervix by vaccination and more.

स्पीकर प्रोफाइल

Dr Anjali Talwalkar, Consultant, Criticare Multi speciality Hospital, Gansai Hospital. With over 25 years of experience, she has held the position of Honorary at Kurla Bhabha Municipal hospital. Dr Talwalkar has provided high-quality gynaecology and obstetrics services to women throughout Mumbai.
In January 2017, under the aegis of Colpovision India, which she founded in 2010,DrTalwalkar marked Cervical Cancer Awareness month with a series of programmes in Mumbai amp; Rural areas nearby districts. These included awareness talks, vaccination camps and colposcopy clinics at various suburban venues. Over 10000 women benefited from the various initiatives.

चाबी छीन लेना

You will get the opportunity to learn the following from this engaging session:

Common cancers in women

Cancer of cervix

Early warning signs

High Risk Group and Periodic Screening

Prevention of Cancer of cervix by Vaccination

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