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Webinar on ‘Patient Consent', a Safeguarding Weapon for the Allied Healthcare Providers’

टेक महिंद्रा SMART अकैडमी फॉर हेल्थकेयर, पुणे is organizing a webinar on the topic ‘Patient Consent', a Safeguarding Weapon for the Allied Healthcare Providers’ for all the pan India students, teachers, and partner organizations across all our healthcare academies. The speaker will discuss about the patient consent, different types of patient consent, medicolegal implications of patient consent and more.

स्पीकर प्रोफाइल

Dr P.V. Bokil, Principal, Sancheti Healthcare Academy, Pune is the Speaker who holds 45 years of experience in the field of Hospital Administration and Medicolegal Consulting.

चाबी छीन लेना

You will get the opportunity to learn the following from this engaging session:

What is Patient Consent

Different Types of Patient Consent

Purpose of taking timely consents to safeguard our own self and the healthcare organisation

Basic guidelines for taking Patient consent

Medicolegal implications of patient Consent

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